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DPXS collects and delivers documents and parcels throughout 200 exchange points in Belgium. Goods dropped before 18h00 in one of our exchange points, are delivered in-night or next-day to another exchange point or physical address.

You can retrieve the delivered goods at the exchange points from as early as 7:00 (7 AM) or at your own convenience.

DPXS also exchanges documents and parcels between your headquarters and subsidiaries throughout Belgium and Luxembourg. All goods are collected at your headquarters, sorted in one of our 3 sorting centers and delivered to their respective destinations. DPXS also returns goods from your subsidiaries to your headquarters from 05:00 AM onwards or at your own convenience.

Collection, delivery and exchange at any other address is feasible during the night or day.

Our own skilled and trained staff is specialized in accessing your premises during the night whether by key, by access code, or other required access methods.

On request,  we even deliver to your desk before you arrive at work.