Sopharty NV acquires G4S Courier Solutions

Starting April 2015, a new entity DPXS groups the operational activities of Sopharty NV and G4S Courier Solutions.

DPXS exchanges documents, parcels, information and services within established networks and industry sectors. DPXS combines years of experience from Sopharty NV in the dental and insurance sector with market leadership of G4S Courier Solutions in the banking and health insurance funds.

At this moment, DPXS already retains 3 sorting facilities, 200 exchange points and a fleet of 65 vehicles, ranging from small delivery vans to trucks. Over 120 collaborators service 4600 addresses every night.

As a result of this merger, DPXS offers you a greater reliability through a high quality day & night network on a national scale. A superior competitive edge and the development of a tracking & tracing system enables you to open new market horizons with a broadened product offering.

Our ultimate goal is to renovate through progress, respectful of existing agreements.

We will keep you informed of further developments